Dreaming of Spires - Artwork & Mastering

In the summer of 2000, Rocket Girl approached Martin Andersen (a London based designer ex v.23) to design their next three album artwork (Coldharbour Stores, Fuxa and July Skies). I remember a really warm day spent in London at the invitation of Vinita from Rocketgirl, to complete mastering of the album and to discuss artwork with Martin.

The early afternoon was spent mastering Dreaming of Spires in the cool of Noel Sumerville’s studio at Transfermation, pulling the album’s EQ into shape ready for final release. Noel has remained part of the team and has mastered all four July Skies albums.



Left: Noel Sumerville at work











We then rushed across the City to Andersen M Studio to discuss the artwork concept for the album.

Martin Andersen was one of several talented artists who molded his skills while working with Vaughan Oliver and the v23 team; as photographer and graphic designer.  In 2001, he opened his own Andersen M Studio in London and continues to create album artwork for a variety of different artists and labels.  The studio (a partnership between Martin and sister Line Andersen) also dabbles in film and music, as well as book design and logo development.

I left photos, books and thoughts with Martin to assist his understanding of the concept behind the album. Martin subsequently worked up the artwork over the autumn using found colour slides from the 1960’s. The following are a few of the drafts we had to unfortunately cast aside when considering the final version.dream3