Dreaming of Spires: The Night Sky and Garden Constellations

Two separate tracks thematically linked which attempt to capture the beauty of sky/star watching from the garden. The Night Sky and Summer 1990 and 1991, there were many Friday and Saturday nights spent looking upwards, glimpsing the night sky through the silver birch and poplar trees that edged; the distant sound of suburban traffic, the late night bus and the revelry of closing-time-folks walking the streets homewards.

The track was also inspired by the imagery of the Ladybird book The Night Sky which exquisitely captures the beauty of the stars in an inky blue sky against the silhouette setting of the town and country. Musically, there’s a definite reference to an under-looked compilation track Love 2 Love by Sun Electric released in 1994.

Garden Constellations purposefully follows, it’s about waking in the garden to the post 1am sky, deeper and darker, with the only sounds being those of the distant bark of dog or shriek of foxes drifting across the gardens.

Happy times….