Birds Fly South For Winter II


Birds Fly South For Winter (II) is a new July Skies track available exclusively on the Music & Migration II CD compilation released by Second Language. The album is available to purchase now as a limited release.

1. Rowan and John Aitchison: Passing Through
2. Dollboy: Birds in My Mouth
3. Ellis Island Sound: Snowdon Aviary
4. The Hardy Tree: The Cutty Wren
5. Haruko: We’ll Be Birds
6. James Brewster: Dissent En Route
7. Piano Magic: The Way of the Birds
8. The Home Current: Theme from Mizieb
9. Marissa Nadler: Dead Birds in Arkansaw
10. Sophie Hutchings: Between Two Hills
11. July Skies: Birds Fly South for the Winter (II)
12. Chronomad: Bolbol
13. Padang Food Tigers: Honey Stole the Crown
14. F.S. Blumm: Wandervogel

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